A person's most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen, and a hand willing to help others.


So we begin our awesome project Semente da Vida, which means lots of work to be done. Many hands make light work.


We have many exciting projects to get involved with here, and volunteering is a great cost-effective way to see the world, meet new people and learn new skills. This is the page you will find all our listed volunteer opportunities. 

Land work and Labour


Yoga Teachers

Service & House Keeping

Ceremony Helpers

Events Staff

Harvest Helpers

Maintenance & Creative Projects

Help with making vegan/eco products for market/shop

Below you will find our listings if you want to come and stay for a while in this beautiful location, be an integral part of our family, and contribute to something special be sure to get in contact.

Let's see where this can lead us.

Physically Fit Out-doorsy Post

December 2019 -

February 2020

We are right at the beginning of our development project and are looking for individuals that can help with land clearance, dry stone walling,  fencing, scrub clearing.

Other projects are preparing the vegetable garden and building composting bins and hydroponic systems.

Other projects at this time are the renovation of an old outbuilding. This will be our therapy suit. It needs windows, door, plaster, electrics and decorating.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Much of it is planned and designed we just need physical help to achieve a lot in a short time scale.

Minimum stay of 7 days, 6 hours of work per day. We will provide the volunteer with three vegan/vegetarian meals per day and free accommodation.

Yoga Teachers

December 2019 -

February 2020

We are looking for a qualified yoga teacher with 200 hours minimum training to be available for Homestay guests before our retreats start in February. 

Other tasks that will be asked is to prepare and help decorate the sacred spaces.

There may be an opportunity for this volunteer to earn a little of their own money by hosting a class open to the public or possible future retreat collaboration. Details to be discussed.

Minimum stay of 7 days, 6 hours work per day to include 1 hour of yoga guidance. We will provide the volunteer with two meals per day and free accommodation.


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